The universe is big, really big after all

Galactic Preschool Theory

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18 September 2020, 09:45 am
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The universe is big, really big after all. So big in fact, and so old relative to our human lifespan that the lack of any known intelligent life puzzles us. Are we really that special? The fermi paradox offers a few propositions for why we have not had any evidence of other lifeforms.

What truth can be used to begin to unravel the possibilities of the present? One thing is for certain, it's that you are alive right now in this universe. What a time to be alive, that is after all, “knee of the curve” as described by Ray Kurzweil in his book The Singularity is Near. The graph below taken from the book gives deeper insight to this sentiment. Our rate of change is exponential, and it's becoming clear that by the end of this century life as man as known it since the dawn of time will reach into new deeper depths of what early man could only describe as ‘magic’.

It occurred to me and others peculiar to have spawned into life at such a time period, to be born a mere mortal with the human species having just started decoding its own makeup, and in return showing real merit towards conquering mortality once and for all.

Look at the graph below
the chance of being alive now

Compared to the rest of history

In regard to this sentiment some witty and intellectual people may bring into account the chance of being alive now, compared to the rest of human history, which is not too small after all. With 100 Billion people total having passed, there is a decent chance, at 7%, that we would be alive now, rather than sometime in the past. This of course does not factor in all future beings who will be born.

If this chart were to continue, especially with the indefinite increase of lifespan that is coming, thereby increasing the exponential rate of increase, then the chance of being born here and now would quickly diminish to a near 0 probability. Now, these witty and clever people again may bring more retorts into question, of the possible extinction or end of the graph entirely, or maybe our future universe residents stop caring to bring new conscious beings into the world.

This is by and large a distraction from the greater question that arises in our near future of what reality looks like for a new born being, whom, if all goes right for humanity, is birthed into a near utopian environment. Many people love to throw around the idea that death gives life meaning, and in a very true sense it does. As a polar opposite of the fear of death we are able to learn to love the ebbe and flow of life itself. The new borns in our world rid of evil would never get the chance to learn this lesson, this necessary lesson only acquired by those who went through the change of mortality into immortality.

With truly all the time in the world from the beginning how could one understand any sense of meaning in the passage of time? Without ever having to fear death how could one ever develop a love of life. This idea that death gives life meaning is a common saying for the many death acceptors of the world. I agree with them wholeheartedly, but I believe it so that the meaning that death gave us, does not go away when death does too. Rather that teaching lives with us beyond deaths passing. Without this teaching though, someone born into a limitless life could not appreciate it as someone who came from the dystopia prior. Utopia cannot be relished without dystopia preceding it.

learning and teaching before joining

Greater Expanse

Imagining this scenario in our own future, what could we do in order to bring new conscious life into existence, having the same understanding we did by going through this period, and having them join the greater galactic expanse? It seems all too obvious that at this point of limitless power, the ability to create worlds designed for learning in a controlled environment is entirely possible. Therefore, the chances that we are the first to be going through this process is minimal. 

In regards to simulation theory it goes, given we can likely simulate another universe, the chances that our universe is the first aka base reality, is minute compared to us living in one of these simulated ones. Galactic preschool theory has the same merits, in the sense that us not being one of these habitats created for learning and teaching before joining the greater expanse being minute.

With the rise of UFO and Alien media, this theory is gaining merit, what was once hidden to us seems as if it is being revealed. It seems only fair to not release such reality shattering info at once, and instead slowly ease the idea into the minds of the preschool students, similar to how we slowly reveal the existence of Santa, The Tooth Fairy, and others were in fact an illusion.

Jimmy does his best to get the President to talk about aliens.

Jimmy Kimmel Live


The Testimonial

"The aliens won't let it happen"
"They exercise strict control over us”

Barack Obama
44th U.S. President

Without ever having to fear death how could one ever develop a love of life.

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